Friday, November 27, 2009

Miley cyrus pics. Smashing.

Miley cyrus pics. Cool pics:

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I do not believe in God, but I asked to be godfather to my niece. HELP!? Today, my sister asked me to be the godfather of my niece 4 weeks old and I said of course, I love my niece. She told me why they chose me, saying I pay close attention to her, and my niece and one nephew. She told me that as godfather all I have to do is talk to her about God grows and things of that nature, but I'm agnostic. She doesn't know I'm agnostic or anyone in my family. Shell not want to say because I say I'm afraid I can not be the best man because my sister is a Christian SUPER. The church every Sunday, EVER doesn't curse, unable to let my nephew see 7 years of age starting too violent, because its, you can not let my niece is 9 years old watch the Disney channel because of the skanky Miley Photos Cyrus and the fact that Disney is satanic (which seems at times.) isn't my only sister of religious nut but she's great and Dave Chappelle is funny and occasionally from South Park ... occasionally lol. I have to go to the baptism of my niece, a long with her godmother and we have to hold the baby and repeat everything he says the shepherd. What should I do? Should I tell my sister and my brother and I kept closed? I really want to be the godfather of my niece, please help!
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